microphones in the trees: sun araw

Thursday, January 21, 2010

sun araw

"Left coast karaoke machine enthusiast Cameron Stallones leaves no loop unturned in his endless questing for the ultimate kaleidoscopic island-psych cocktail, and freed him up to construct his own hermetic jam cove, dubbed Sun Ark Studio, thereby ratcheting up his workaholic-ism several levels.. Dubby basslines and reverbed drum pad action still reign hard but the song construction is less western and more liberated than ever before (echoing his new all-solo live set up), with micro-cycles of flute, voice and organ cascading down like fuchsia sunset light across the plastic rhythm section. “Bump Up (High Step)” is a warped reggae club heartbreaker, flangy cheese guitar leads and jungle rattles, a constant chorus. “Live Mind” is the B side, and it’s descended from the Heavy Deeds lineage, lots of equatorial sweat, low end pulse, dry funk guitar, bucket percussion, etc. A cool new boat trip on an evolved vessel.." nnf

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Anonymous said...

me gusta la fotola y la música :-) un pleno!