microphones in the trees: high wolf

Sunday, January 17, 2010

high wolf

"Seriously high-level from High Wolf, horizontal Sun-traveller vibes on these sides from the French hero of plantain based smoke-magic. Whale visions of the future-now seen via wound up wind chime ellipses and air bubble hypnosis. Gradual, ecstatic plateaus of inter-special communication around dawning, jungle-island horizon keyboards and euphoric ocean-floor dance-party trance-outs. Loops of shore-dwelling guitar and hand percussion rituals usher in ancient, paradise island phazer goddesses, wordless conversations and electronic transmissions between the beached tribesmen and the spirits of the spheres, bouncing universal mind-rays off shiny, green dolphin fins. Art by Jason Kerley, pro dubbed cassettes." krayon recordings


rafa said...

ups! no ví que habías subido esto y subí lo otro

Anonymous said...

really enjoyin high wolf- thnx fur this- curious if you had a link to the recent neokarma jooklo& peaking lights lp? thnx again, love the blog!