microphones in the trees: isengrind

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


"Debut vinyl release from Natural Snow Buildings' Solange Gularte's solo project, Isengrind. Modlitewnik continues Solange's fantasticly far out occult psych-folk-drone trip outs, 12 tracks across the length of this LP, considerably shorter pieces in comparison to her work with Mehdi in Natural Snow Buildings, Isengrind retains a certain amount of the sound of the duo, but it is a whole other beast, in many ways much stranger and darker, but still hauntingly beautiful with some fantastic blissed out vocal drones, dreamy guitars, and psyche soaked dark drone zones. Heavyweight vinyl, housed in a pro-printed full colour fold over sleeve with all 4 panels featuring stunning artwork by Solange, the inside of the cover is especially spectacular." blackest rainbow

foto: ƒenk


Anonymous said...

What do they mean by debut? Isengrind has released plenty of stuff before.


Meatbreak said...

"Debut vinyl release" man, VYNAL. Not their first release ever.