microphones in the trees: polypus sapiens

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

polypus sapiens

"Debut tape from Southern Russia Polypus Sapiens. One man from a rural city records lovely bedroom folkish psychedelia with the simplest means. Gentle and thoughtful 30+ minute work filled with pure bliss. Pro-dubbed tapes wrapped in A3 posters. 75 copies." full of nothing

el nuevo sello de Ivan & Anna (Love Cult): keijo, arabian horses, big drum in the sky religion, kheta hotem, y sleeper in the valley, flautas, didjeridoos, percusiones, warm shields in the sky y autumn, give me hope.

foto: tim jones


Endymion said...

Great posts lately. Thank you!

caracola said...

ya al primer track se vuelve entrañable... gracialas muchas, ponita aodrada ***

la mar said...

ayyyy "warm shields in the sky"... hasta me dan ganas de llorar, 'give me hope' ;)... qué discolo tan pero taaaaaan bonito!!... ayyyy de uuuyyyy


rafa said...

"warm shields in the sky" de eso venía a hablarle a ustedes :)))

Pierre said...

Oh, Thanks! Reminds me of Leafes!
Nice post about beautiful music :)

Anonymous said...

one of my favorites since years. found through microphones in the trees. thanks so much.