microphones in the trees: wooden wand

Friday, May 07, 2010

wooden wand

"In preparation for his forthcoming Michael Gira-produced album for Young God, Wooden Wand returns after a lengthy (for him) absence with a limited-edition self released album of exclusive home-recorded songs. Most of these were written and recorded following the release of Wand’s last album of all-new material, Born Bad, and the ten songs here should appeal to fans of Wand’s more picaresque work, stylistically falling somewhere between the psychedelic prophesying of the classic Harem of The Sundrum & The Witness Figg lp and the bitter battle-raps and outlaw country bummer vibes of the aforementioned Born Bad lp. Each disc is hand numbered and mounted on a square of wood. Special limited edition of only 200 copies." tothtellsthetruth


Anonymous said...

Track 1 seems to be corrupted.

rafa said...

qué buenas todas

Anonymous said...

new link


mar said...

premio al mejor discolo para carreteras solares de mayo!!! ... *we love james*