microphones in the trees: inez lightfoot

Friday, June 17, 2011

inez lightfoot

"Inez Lightfoot is homemade music from the mountaintop barrows and the deciduous forests and many spaces in-between. She uses nature-derived inspiration to conjure analog soundscapes ranging from fierce and uncanny to gentle and ritual."

"Some sounds I've made recently, inspired by nature. I think that Biological Radio will release Nature Songs on cassette this fall!" inez lightfoot

si las canciones fueran viajes: recall what you saw in the eye

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, sweet Ana. Nature Songs will indeed be released on cassette in August on Biological Radio. I hope you are enjoying your summer! Love, IL

ana said...

thanks to you inez, for your magical music and for being so generous

Anonymous said...

:::love is free, love is real::: http://inezlightfoot.bandcamp.com/album/nature-songs