microphones in the trees: gkfoes vjgoaf

Friday, June 24, 2011

gkfoes vjgoaf

"while i was in new zealand i recorded this short album/excursion that loosely tells a story of traveling from a glacier across a suspended path of ice to the realm of the kyrin. the kyrin is like this auspicious deer/dragon/lion-like creature who is out to gently bring peace to all. kinda like the deer god. kinda not really. but feel free to go there. the album is called 'glacial ways'...it's about getting in touch with the nature of ice and the slow vibrations of cold weather." sean conrad

"you can buy the physical copy available at any show on the tour or purchase the digital version to help support the tour from afar" gentle ways

la música no lo es todo, pero ayuda...canciones como 'kyrin' te hacen pensar que todo puede ir bien. para nuestro arbolindo. wassembaum!^^


Anonymous said...

a ver si esta tarde ya tenemos a nuestro arbolindo plantado en peiti y escuchando este disco :-)

ainhoa aka la khalessi

ana said...

khalessi aka pelos como escarpias, ojalá!

caracola said...

sería muy feliciano que llegara a casa con sus hijos y amigos para escuchar "kyrin"... ^.^

sean said...

the tour referenced in the second paragraph can be seen here :)