microphones in the trees: ocular gymnastics

Thursday, December 06, 2012

ocular gymnastics

"Encased in a squeeze box of screen printed palms, Ocular Gymnastics’ debut transmission is as lavishly packaged as it is blissful. Pedal-jammed Casio meditations cast ripples across the mind-pond while the mountain of found-sound percussion clanks and rattles down the cortex. Only Moduli TV could provide suitable visual accompaniment for these c.h.u.d ravers in a tropical time-warp à la Bamboo For Two." weird canada

" ...while all the experiments here do not always flesh out into fully realized, living, breathing creations, they lend the record a certain accidental charm. this endearing trait reveals Ocular Gymnastics for what they really are: keen and incensed artists whose maelstrom of ideas flow so violently that they hardly have time to learn their footing. with Vol. 1, Ocular Gymnastics have knit a space-dusted blanket under which both themselves and the listener can hide, an escape where we can imagine a world where what matters is not blog-hype, download counts, or even genuine critical success, but art." foxy digitalis

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