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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


"The Singing House is an analog drone synthesizer tuned to E major. This device can easily be installed into any home or public building to provide pleasing background music which is truly in tune with nature. Wind, Sun, Rain, Moonlight, and Lightning all have an effect on the ever-present E major Chord. Like a fire or a babbling brook, the singing House is always changing yet always the same. Our hope here at Quintronics is that this machine may provide health, happiness, and calmness of mind to many listeners ~ today and for years to come." mr. quintron

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"This is this Singing House during a very active lightning storm on April 4th, 2012. You can hear the rain coming and going. I intentionally turned the "wind drone" down so you can hear the lightning and rain. Not the best recording but this storm was truly a "once every 10 years" event for New Orleans as far as lightning goes. You can see where the lightning and rain gets quite active down the timeline at around 18 min. This was recorded in a bathroom with the record level a bit too low....sorry about the hiss (not really)."

"This is an analog "drone synth" which is completely modulated by the weather. wind, rain, and sunrise / sunset in particular. This recording is a gentle breeze on a sunny day." Robert Polston/Quintron

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