microphones in the trees: color dream / sam goldberg

Thursday, May 09, 2013

color dream / sam goldberg

"Color Dream creates a lush blanket of gentle and peristent quivering radiance which represents to me some of the best sounds coming out of these kewl comrads. The collaboration vibes from Mike Pollard and Peter Friel seem to have no trouble channeling heavy zones for what is only there fourth release. They use the constraints of a 7 minute side to there absolute fullest potential. a perfect balance of fuzzy ambients and weirdo key collage. The b-side is new jams from Sam G. Heavily influenced by Cybertracker and the films of Paul Wynne, his side offers more short "cycles" -esque synth pieces. This time introducing sequencing and vocals to the mix. Extended full color inserts and hand painted cassettes." pizza night

sold out ~ download

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