microphones in the trees: secret colors

Monday, May 27, 2013

secret colors

"with a string of solo lps, cds and tapes for Aguirre, Group Tightener, Debacle and Digitalis in just over a year's time, Seattle's Secret Colors has seemingly appeared from nowhere. However, Matt Lawson bears deeper roots than his enigmatic project may convey at first glance. Impose Magazine describes Lawson's work on "Higher Views" as "effervescent, bouyant mixes of effects-laden guitars, synths, and found-sounds, meticulously mapped out into relaxing journeys you can drift right along with," and these five songs live up to all expectations for the newcomer's stellar track record. Lawson channels the songwriting sensibility of his band towards the loose and hazy constructions of the drone underground, refining them into a rich and textural swirl of abstracted synth-pop." bridgetown 

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