microphones in the trees: carl orff / gunild keetman / margaret murray

Friday, May 10, 2013

carl orff / gunild keetman / margaret murray

"remastered collection of Carl Orff & Gunild Keetman's educational tools, which were widely used in German and English schools. how very Trunk!"

"recorded in 1958 and originally issued across two long playing lp’s, these recordings of Schulwerk or ‘elemental music’ performed by the Children of the Italia Conte School, the Children’s Percussion Ensemble and Chorus Of The Children’s Opera Group are simply some of the most beautiful musical compositions I’ve ever heard. a practical understanding of rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, form and the beauty of sound through music, dance and gymnastics. 

the music is evocative, magically transfigured by the simplest of means with poems, rhymes, games, songs and dances spoken or sung with the barest of musical accompaniment. Wooden xylophones and metal glockenspiels create simple modal ostinatos which hover and shimmer in bewitchingly seductive patterns. complex rhythmic patterns are stamped or clapped out using non-pitched percussion instruments such as hands, drums, sticks, or bells. the results are startlingly beautiful. compositions were developed through playful and intuitive experimentation, children were actively encouraged to explore musical possibilities through play and improvisation rather than through any restrictive or formal educational process. this music breathes an innocence out of step with our modern world. another sublime Trunk release." a sound awareness

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