microphones in the trees: carl didur

Saturday, November 08, 2014

carl didur

"Carl Didur works with reel to reel tape loops, analog synths, oscillators, and other amazing manual manipulation of analog electronics. A true wizard, and the first person I have ever seen in person to fully understand, manipulate, control, play, and work with these fragile, ancient analog electronic equipment. If you are a fan of Terry Riley, Amon Duul II, and other forms of experimental music, you would find Carl Didur's music a delightful discovery. Carl is probably one of the best kept secrets of the Toronto underground scene, and more people outside of Toronto should know about him.

"I first made a post about him on my blog after we played a one man band fest in toronto. ever since that show, I've been a fan of Carl's and follow his music endeavors, whether its the 2 man prog/space jazz/fade out outros minimalist experimental works of Zacht Automaat, or his collaboration with Broken Tree Fort, theres a sense of genius brewing underneath the quietness of his demeanor." dirty beaches

"Zacht Automaat fell from the sky, or so it felt one day last year. what other explanation might one have for a band that does not exist... and then suddenly does and before you know it has unleashed hours of record quality material? the genesis defies logic as easily as the music itself evades categorization...." slim twig

escuchad también estas dos canciones de Zacht Automaat (Carl Didur y Michael Mclean): kraut y un poquito de prog jazz, o algo, adictivo, precioso, inabarcable, saxo, órgano, Canterbury, Can, Neu!, Bitchin Bajas, Amon Dull II, Faust, Ray Manzarek...mucho donde navegar y descubrir.

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