microphones in the trees: gunner møller pedersen

Friday, November 28, 2014

gunner møller pedersen

"created for the Glassmuseum, Ebeltoft, Denmark.
all sounds are samples of glass sounds, processed with Sound Designer, Max/Msp and Sample Cell.
stereo mixdown from quadrophonic version, produced at DIEM Aarhus Denmark 1993." 

"in Glass Music Gunner Møller Pedersen reworks in intricate detail many divergent recorded glass sounds and carefully distributes them in time and space. computers were used to remember and edit every detail of this hour-long work with a precision that could never be achieved in instrumental music. Møller Pedersen applies this technique to utilize spatial positioning as an essential musical parameter along with pitch, timbre and rhythm, creating a Jurassic Park of computer-altered glass sound objects. using computer models of recorded sounds it is possible to create imaginary sounds that could never exist in the real world, such as a 14 meter tall wine glass being struck as it travels clockwise around the audience." det virtuelle musikbibliotek

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