microphones in the trees: floris vanhoof

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

floris vanhoof

"side A: slapback for the guitar player who at a concert taped a big analogclock to a mic stand near him, to see where he was going, or side B doing too much at once, so when you enter a room and forguet what you were going to do there, or being much like time itself. both sides of this tape were made by doubling live studio recordings in stereo. you can also unplug one speaker to hear the original recordings." floris vanhoof

"gorgeous self-released tape by Floris Vanhoof, with J-cards printed at Extrapool and Jeroen Wille in Nijmegen on their Print-Gocco setup using an "early computer drawing," musically, the two tracks were created by "doubling live studio recordings in stereo" ~ it's a bit more flowing & linear than Floris' other recent pieces, but no less gratifying." mimaroglu