microphones in the trees: el nuevo octeto folklórica del instituto lahmogie

Friday, May 22, 2015

el nuevo octeto folklórica del instituto lahmogie

"hey folks, been a long time! very pleased to announce that Tuluum Shimmering has been appointed musical and translunary advisor to that most ancient and mystical organisation, the Lahmogie Institute! The Institute, of which you have no doubt heard much, can be found here:  as well as within your hearts. on the website you will find all manner of recorded musical sounds by Tuluum Shimmering, both old and new, on a veriety of media. also to be found are Musical Instruments! Books! Tradional Music from Ohgig Eeyah! Ohgigets: Original Artyfacts from the first Ohgig Eeyahn Electric Era! Sounds of Nature! Radio Revels! Films! Pamphlet Series! Ohgig Eeyah Archive! Prof. Pufajakit! Mix of the Month! And much else besides!!! In case you might miss it, I would like to draw your attention in particular to the book People Speaking About Making Music: A Collection of Quotes Presented in Random Order, which I believe may be of much interest to many here. more info on the website. be sure to take a peek at the musical instruments too if you have any interest in unusual sound making devices. many thanks from all at the Institute!" jake webster

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Cantor Treitman is the fellow benefactor of Il Concerto di Salamone Rossi Hebreo, an octet focused on displaying the music of this seventeenth century Italian Jewish choral writer in the setting for which it was composed to write my paper for cheap- the synagogue administration.

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