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Sunday, January 21, 2024


atoris ~ sea & forest (moon glyph, 2022)

“kankyō ongaku” means “environmental music” in japanese, and this is, essentially, ambient music ~ but still with an emphasis on the natural environment (not urban), so in this genre of electronic music very often the music is supplemented with the sounds of nature and is, as a kind of continuation of them. classics of the genre came in the 80s and early 90s (Hiroshi Yoshimura, Takashi Kokubo, Fumio, Inoyama Land...) but it continues to exist now, having opened a second breath with the advent of a new interest in everything japanese, the popularity of “music for plants”, and of course, environmental problems which are more tangible now than ever ~ so the search for some balance with nature manifests itself in the form of interest in such music. 

the Atoris trio consists of already quite famous artists, one of whom, H. Takahashi, is probably familiar to those who have been following the cassette music of our time for a long time. Kohei Oyamada and Yudai Osawa have some really good cassettes as well, so i'm looking to add them to my collection for sure. i'd say that this album even has the element of german kosmische music, side A gets real groovy in the middle but with the start of side B we plunge into new age-y vibes again and it doesn't get any worse because of that ~ only better! it's a fresh touch on how adventurous new age & ambient music can be if it doesn't serve "spa & massage" product category, and returns to it's origins, the exploratory feeling of creating new timbres Mother Nature never heard before, thus enriching the air and the biosphere with something new, harmonious, evolving along other forms of life.

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