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Thursday, January 25, 2024

food people

food people ~ luminous immediate (glarc, 2023)

"Luminous Immediate is eight songs of wind, string, whistle, tape manipulation, poems and field recordings. At times the album feels quite emotionally convivial, small glances of support and wordless encouragement, a riff like a ruffle of the hair. At other points the songs become disquieting, sinister, the early morning dialogues of a an anxious brain, whirring its way through recent conversations (lots of words now). Throughout, Luminous Immediate invites you into the songs and their process - several hands stirring the pot – a beautiful tomographic snapshot of Food People's back-garden compost."

transportada a los good old days de second family band, davenport, ...escuchad si no 'candle in the bovine eye' o 'summer flume'. o el sentimiento 'estamos flotando en el espacio rural' de la preciosísima 'light hazzles' (guitarra acústica a muy baja fidelidad, samples de una voz femenina, shep and me meets child of microtones). cinta que destila melancolía y de la que no te apetece salir: "ocho canciones de viento, cuerda, silbato, manipulación de cintas, poesía y grabaciones de campo."

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