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Saturday, January 27, 2024

golden pear

omni gardens ~ golden pear (moon glyph, 2023)

"moon glyph records head Steve Rosborough returns as Omni Gardens with a brand new album entitled “Golden Pear”. The fuzzy, warm and buoyant moog timbres of “Moss King” return but “Golden Pear” is a dreamier and more lush affair; incorporating a wider palette including mellotron flutes, vibraphones, marimbas and self-captured field recordings. a tranquil, pop atmosphere permeates the album as the songs flutter between bleary, unhurried tunes, warbly soundscapes and odes to lazy afternoons. created for relaxed home listening, this is “Golden Pear”." ~ moon glyph

the universe of music made [for/inspired by] plants is expanding and moon glyph is definitely a place to go when looking for some organic ambience. you can find music for marshes there, music for corals and other sea creatures, and basically all kinds of sounds to please adventurous cassette music enthusiast. you can as well simply explore our blog as we featured this label on numerous occasions. compared to "Moss King" this album is definitely more ripe and juicy, i can feel how full of nutritional goods it is, how it fills my body with a vital energy. joking-not-joking, but my lemon tree has began to ripen since this cassette came in the mail. you can say it's a coincidence, but i say - natural synchrony! with music like this, it's hard to stay skeptic, no matter where exactly you are on the New Age coordinates. it simply leaves you no chance to wither but fills with warmth and joy. i'd even go further into nutrition analogy and say that if "you are what you eat", then same applies to what you hear. so while you play this tape for your plants or make a breakfast listening to it, you may also notice that if you yourself stay hydrated, get enough sunlight and fresh air ~ the world starts looking like a pretty good place. 

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