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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

antique brothers

antique brothers - hot shit (really coastal 2008)

'Hot Shit' is two long form tracks, charting the development of AntiqueBrothers from insular, tape-scuzz-coated two-piece to the current phase of the Antique Brothers big band, which saw it's birthing at the Bottled Smoke festival, our November Reign tour with Sleepwalkers Local, Stone Baby, Century Plants, and Rafi Bookstaber; and at this years Neon Commune (organized by Echo Curio and Not Not Fun).
Two Songs, Two Sides, 40 odd minutes...
Hot Side: Mostly acoustic, with heavy percussion, lap steel drones and tiny-amp feedback, a good bridge between the original Antique Bros. sound and what we are up to today
Shit Side: Vibing on a very expansive mood, blown out on painkillers and muscle relaxants, and, oddly enough, feeling jazzy.
available on pro-dubbed cassette with pro-printed j-card, this baby screams professionalism! on the hot new imprint Really Coastal." antique brothers
foto: c0rnporn

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