microphones in the trees: aan meets eyes like saucers

Monday, December 08, 2008

aan meets eyes like saucers

aan meets eyes like saucers - kristallivirta (lvd 2008)

"West meets North in this live recording, historic meeting between former Urdog keyboardist (Jeff K.) and Aan (Uton + Kulkija). West meets North and mostly produces music that is either wildly experimental or traditionally psychedelic in that Angus MacLise sort of way. Challenging, weird, and at moments reminiscient of Angus MacLise..." lvd

foto: árbore


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Ecstatic Peace! said...

En el Sello Palustre aún quedan copias, 13 eurillos, cdr + 3"cdr:

"parantavassa kehdossa" + "kultainen kupoli"

both 3" and 5" cd-r (>>>limo019+limo018<<<) in a different pakage,
limited to 40 copies


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really enjoying this fantastic! much gracias ana :)