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Monday, December 29, 2008


"Loren Chasse is responsible for a whole host of vital albums. He was a founding member of the Jewelled Antler label and has sparked so many great moments from the likes of Thuja, The Blithe Sons, Softwar, and of course his main solo guise, Of. For years this project has evolved into something of absolute magical grandeur. "Rocks Will Open" is the latest opus in Chasse's catalog. The music on this album is as organic as it gets. Each tone, each sound feels like it has been culled directly from the Earth's crust. Gentle drones arc toward the hazy sunlight, flickering like distant birds sailing out over the sea. Between the ghostly echoes rises a cacacphony of plucked strings dancing toward oblivion. Loren Chasse's vision is perfectly expressed on "Rocks Will Open." digitalis

foto: jon edwards


Ecstatic Peace! said...

a mí aún no me ha llegado el cd de Of

ana said...

el más bonito que he escuchado hasta ahora de Of :)

Ecstatic Peace! said...

la versión especial viene con una cinta extra, pero ya se agotó:

ya sólo se vende el cd