microphones in the trees: mv & ee with the golden road

Sunday, December 28, 2008

mv & ee with the golden road

"Drone Trailer is a consolidation of the previous musical high-life of the duo's space shanties for the 21st century. In other words, mv & ee explore their unique mix of lunar raga and astral string band music, with a couple deep-space burners/covert jams such as opening blast "Anyway" thrown in to bust it all open. Nobody is gonna mind if they hear a little Crazy Horse and Neil Young" midheaven
"Creating a new rural psychedelia mv & ee alternate extended guitar freakouts with more pastoral, folky tunes. Highlights include "Weatherhead Hollow" and the hypnotic title track."
¿es the hungry stones la canción más bonita del mundo?


Anonymous said...

Bajado, te contesto en cuanto sea capaz de dejar de escuchar el nuevo de Animal Collective.

El de Palms me encanta desde principio a fin, gracias y felices fiestas!

Little Turtle said...

Que portada mas requetebonita.

Ñam Ñam

ana said...

sí que lo es, creo que la han sacado de un poster...

carol, entiendo lo de animal collective :)