microphones in the trees: black eagle child + seasons (pre-din)

Monday, September 28, 2009

black eagle child + seasons (pre-din)

black eagle child + seasons (pre-din) • split [self released 2009]

"I've been in touch with the man recording as Seasons (pre-din) for about a year and a half, during which time my mailbox has been periodically flooded with CDs oozing one gorgeous sound upon another, and I've done my best to return mail across the pond. It only seemed natural then for us to try collaborating on a project. The premise of this project is simply for each musician to craft a piece of music no longer than 11 minutes. We then (as we had done so many times already) send our music off to each other for a listen. Upon listening to each other's music, we each created a 'response' track, borrowing themes, motifs, etc. I think the result has amounted to 40 minutes of work that we are both truly proud of.

Two 3" CDRs, each featuring one original track and one corresponding track. Each disc is housed in a translucent paper sleeve, printed with black ink. Both discs are housed in a large poly sleeve with a printed card insert.

Thanks to Seasons for his diligent work on the production of this project." tormentosa

fotola: el nejo

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