microphones in the trees: eternal tapestry

Friday, September 18, 2009

eternal tapestry

"three lobed recordings is excited to announce the release of palace of the night skies, the new album from eternal tapestry. while this trio first turned heads with their expansive psych/kraut/blues guitar explorations as embodied within a series of small run cassette and CDR releases, their 2007 mystic induction album on not not fun firmly established the band as formidable players worthy of sharing the stage and spotlight with such current heads as wooden shjips and kinski. palace of the night skies ups the ante and represents this group’s heaviest jams to date, bringing forth some heavily righteous riffs and plenty of drum punishment.
palace of the night skies
consists of two long-form tracks recorded in 2008 at the tapestry space in portland, oregon by the band’s core lineup of dewey mahood on guitar, nick bindeman (JOMF) on guitar and occasional vocals and jed bindeman (heavy winged) on drums. limited edition of 730 copies".