microphones in the trees: phankton wat

Sunday, September 27, 2009

phankton wat

"all love to the master, dewmah has arrived. dewey mahood is probably best known these days as being the non-bindeman third of portland's fuzz kings, eternal tapestry. but when he's not burning down houses, he moonlights as the inimitable plankton wat. fractured folk-infused meanderings with warm strings and organic dressing. mahood's vocals are the ideal accompaniment to these bright, understated anthems. minimal percussion and mbira pick up where the vocals leave off, finding a balance with the acoustic haze.
it's been a great year for plankton wat (check his dnt lp!) and eternal tapestry, and "our solar beings" is another vital feather in his discography. edtion of 80, golden red suns." digitalis

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