microphones in the trees: castanets

Friday, September 11, 2009


"....Last year's Castanets release, City of Refuge, was dry as Death Valley. Overheated amps buzzing, desert rat life, hot air crackles. Texas Rose, then, comes six minutes before the flood. It's antediluvian, pregnant with impending new-life change and wet with the first sprinkles from that scary mofo of a black cloud in the distance...If Refuge was an "alone record", Texas Rose sounds like Castanets the band..." asthmatic kitty

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mar said...

se extrañaba un disco así, tan raymond... creo que desde 'what kind of cure' no me había emocionado tanto. y eso que este es distinto, no es tan oscuro pero tiene vena.

gracias, ponita... con éste me he comenzado a poner al día soleado :)