microphones in the trees: partli cloudi

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

partli cloudi

"Immigration problems plague these bedroom psych four trackers from leaving the house making spirit tape the medium for their blissful astral communication. Partli cloudi channel lustful demons and inner gods, focussing lower chakras to attract worshippers. Strange strings, odd percussion, smoky chanting, weird vibes. Looping delay pedals prove past, present and future no longer have meaning. No leaves were left unburned. Favorite things left unheard. 14 tracks. Limited edition of 25, with burnt wooden cloud sleeves." folkwaste
foto: catfat


Anonymous said...

several new second family band releases, but who has a cassette player anymore. wish they would put this stuff out on cdr or something.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this blog

have any Nirvana Pann Jali or Mark Bradley or Rambutan????

Anonymous said...