microphones in the trees: we're flying

Sunday, October 11, 2009

we're flying

1. mark mcguire • blue basktet
2. tara jane o'neil • dig in
3. equinox, the peacekeeper • cardiac pounds
4. castanets • worn from the fight (with fireworks)
5. s.e.rogers • toomus meremereh nor good
6. troll • mexicana
7. paul parrish • dialogue of wind and lover
8. the biesentales • 2nd biesentale
9. alasdair roberts • unyoked oxen turn
10. keijo • no more nowx
11. uesa guilbe • passer
12. julian lynch • garden 2
13. green pajamas • we're flying
14. beggin' your pardon miss joan • timber falls
15. equinox, the peacekeeper • au fond de l'impasse
16. the sing songs • first you put on your mask
17. niagara falls • illuminated atlas
18. azul • mamo
19. julian lynch • mercury


un compi muy sencillo pero con corazón... dedicado a la ponita de los cuatro vientos*


Brad said...

So great, wonderful job!

ana said...

dig in! i'm flying, el sol excita la pasión...dialoge of wind and lover, caracola la mayor :)

rafa said...



Carolina said...
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mar said...

de los compis más normales del mundo, pero eso es lo que buscaba*

les quieroles, adorada pandilla verde :))

Anonymous said...


Jose Diz said...

Este no he podido descargarlo, snif

Anonymous said...

@ jose diz:

the depostfiles link is still working.. http://depositfiles.com/en/files/4ba8a40ei