microphones in the trees: gnod

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


"This is the latest limited edition release by uk based Gnod and what a trip this is. The Thunderbolt Loop starts things off and is very hypnotic. Bass, different percussion, slowly overtakes your attention for the starting dominant loop. Roofless (edit) is 24 minutes and starts with some chimes and disturbances. Nice chime playing but be patient. At around 8 minutes the chimes go wild and the aliens make the cd player spit the cd out and it is over. Damn… ok... well, could not hear the last 16 minutes of that track but Off Somewhere in a Dingy is like a strange native American Indian chant freakout. Be careful with the peyote." aural innovations

silvester anfang meets second family band & no-neck blues band


adrián said...

gracias ana! me encantan psychedelic-cosmic-jams, ya me había llamado mucho la atención 'the somnambulist's tale' :))

ana said...

sí, ahora mismo casi casi grupo favorindo

Anonymous said...

thank you for the opportunity to hear this and so much more on your great blog