microphones in the trees: beggin' your pardon miss joan

Friday, October 16, 2009

beggin' your pardon miss joan

"...In the time after I first picked up the guitar but before I decided to ’share’ what evolved I committed these tracks to tape, as sketches and left them behind. I returned to these sketches over the weekend and have added, fiddled and tidied, amongst bloodied dawn’s, crisp riverside walks and intense paranoia…They are more than sketches now, methinks, so I am letting them leave the nest. I hope you dig them. If the songs stir you enough to want them on disc let me know I will see if I can pull something together. All of the songs were recorded in early 2008 so are an early representation of Beggin' Your pardon Miss Joan in it’s infancy (except for Black & White which is a demo I recorded earlier this year)
On another note we have also started putting ideas down for a full length Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan record. It feels like the right time!
Keep well,
Lex ±"

foto: smarsham


mar said...

sí, sí y siempre sí!!!

lex es grande :)

ana said...

muy mucho caracola, y envolvente. fiest y allop (me encanta cuando dice algo así como 'you can touch the sky'**)

Anonymous said...

sorry to say it
i think the newest kuupuu is great!

I got it in LP, and I'd love to get it in mp3!

Christoph said...

link for download past away. could reupload be done? in advance, thank you.