microphones in the trees: gianni giublena rosacroce

Friday, December 09, 2011

gianni giublena rosacroce

gianni giublena rosacroce - la piramide di sangue (yerevan tapes, 2011)

That is the new solo project by Stefano Isaia, the singer and frontman from our beloved Movie Star Junkies. Accompanied by his mate Dedalo666, Stefano – here as Gianni Giublena Rosacroce – explores new sounds closer this time to the Middle-Eastern shores of the Mediterranean. Armed with clarinet, cans, drums and percussions, piano and acoustic guitars, the duo has just plotted the debut album “La piramide di sangue” (“The blood pyramid”). Thirteen tracks like one texture of thin arabesques, woven with casbah flavours and North African sounds. One record with a strong esoteric and cabalistic mood, musically influenced by Muhal Richard Abrams, Maurice McIntyre and Moondog foremost. 100 copies.

segunda referencia de uno esos sellos que tanto nos gusta descubrir. no hubiese añadido otras influencias que me gusten más, quizá 'la piramide di sangue' no es tan orgánico y cerebral como moondog y muhal richard abrams sino que su magia, al igual que maurice mcintyre, es más ceremonial y con la vista fija en el middle-earth.

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