microphones in the trees: sapphire slows

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sapphire slows

 "...it was with nuanced joy that we found ourselves spellbound and seduced by this young Tokyo gem-gleaner’s neon gallery of dynamic Casio nightlife masks, each of which is impeccably crafted and swathed in a fog basket of her effortlessly haunting Cocteau Twins-y shadow vox. There’s a wonderfully hushed vibe to Sapphire Slows’ most translucent tracks, beats materializing out of stray radio waves and metropolis static, electric piano memories washing away into the silent skyline of skyscrapers, synths congealing like synthetic whispers. The perfect soundtrack to urban insomniac wandering and wondering and lingering too long; almost like a Toyko take on Night Bus." not not fun

"Born in 1989, she started her solo project in Tokyo, spring 2011 . Tracks are all recorded in her bedroom, simply with one lap top and some keyboards. Her dance track expresses the space depth beneath the loneliness influenced by various electro music especially psychedelic chill-out." big love

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