microphones in the trees: rafi bookstaber

Thursday, December 22, 2011

rafi bookstaber

rafi bookstaber ~ greener pastures lp (humito, 2011)

"an allez-taeia of the body, earth breath and sweetness, a great sigh beneath the world tree. an attempt this time to say a few things simply, and be gone. about letting go of places that are family, not holding on too tight, the condition of waking up one morning and suddenly finding yourself alive on this great green planet, surrounded by the infinite… gorgeous solo outing from death chants member rafi bookstaber, and the first release on his new humito label" time~lag

¡humito!, greener pastures, matt valentine & erika elder, willie lane, árbore (high moon), bronze horse... demasiado bonito para decir que es bonito. 'ain't nothing blues': hope sandoval meets child of microtones.

dibujo: seth neefus

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rafa said...

el careto de daisy day y yanyo al oír la flauta pájaro de high moon es pa verlo :)))