microphones in the trees: mi and l'au

Monday, December 12, 2011

mi and l'au

"After exploring their creative impulses through strings, horns, pianos, and varied folk influences, Mi and L'au decided to venture into a newer, more electric environment on their newest record. If Beauty is a Crime doesn't feature a single guitar. In fact, you won't find a traditional instrument anywhere on it. But, along with Mira and Laurent's redefined approach, something familiar found its way into their music. While making the album, both musicians noticed the specter of familiar melodies and rhythms haunting their work; the inspiration wasn't from a specific song or melodic line, but from a mood or an idea buried somewhere in the past. As they investigated this anomalous influence, they uncovered a shared memory of films enjoyed during childhood, specifically those scored by French composer François de Roubaix, who was known for his use of synthesizers, drum machines and folk elements. The connection between his work and their current endeavor was obvious. Subsequently, Mi and L'au immersed themselves in his music even as they continued to produce their own. Whether by fate or by coincidence, de Roubaix's music found its way into their lives just as they were beginning to explore what electronic sounds could do for them. So, in the end, they dedicated If Beauty is a Crime to François."

vuelven después de muchos años, como jakob olausson, hope sandoval o songs of the green pheasant. lo mismo pero diferente

foto: miroslav tichý


dfbm said...

that photo is miroslav tichy, right?

ana said...

hi dfbm, i didn't know whose was the picture (i found it in some tumblr, i think). yes, it seems it is from miroslav tichy :). thank you so much

dfbm said...

The story about Miroslav with his DIY cameras and the approach is very very interesting. There exist two movies about him and.

By the way, ana - I noticed that your photographs are very beautiful too. I discovered it, when this Artzine/App cames out a few weeks ago.
lot of things to discover over you flickr/tumblr etc ;-)

ana said...

thank you so much 'dfbm', i'm glad you like them :)
about miroslav, i'll search those movies right now!

by the way, dying for bad music is wonderful, so full of treasures