microphones in the trees: begonia

Saturday, January 19, 2013


"Eagle is a 15 minutes reel-to-reel cassette, filled with organic ambient lo-fi loops, dusted with tasty pastoral magic, coming straight from Colorado’s forests by the native hiker Liam Overton, under the moniker Begonia. Each cassette comes with an unique handmade (with love) cover by the art student Marina D. based in Nantes. All extra donations will go to the drawer for her amazing work. We wish you all the best. Please be fine. Sincerely yours, Carpi." carpi records

"...Side A is full of eerie swells of reversed tape warble and the occasional dripping synth sparkle, with just the barest, distant hint of a pulsing beat fading in and out of the mix. Side B is more trance-inflected, with a solid dancefloor thump and warm synthpads skipping over a loop of delicate birdsong and wistful, yearning harmonica. The diversity between these two tracks, while retaining similar thematic tendencies, is this EP's strongest selling point. Rather than coming off as a genre experiment, or as the scatter-brained and unsure product of a tentative new artist, these two pieces compliment each other beautifully, two halves of the same inherent whole." zachary corsa

filed under: experimental, ambient, chill, birds, colorado, hypnagogic, lo-fi, loops, native

foto via onyx earth

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