microphones in the trees: ypotryll / olli arni / jorge vicario / brian green

Friday, January 25, 2013

ypotryll / olli arni / jorge vicario / brian green

"meditative drones looping their way into your sub-conscious mind. soft poly cases with hand-stamped inserts. limited to 50 copies."

sintetizador, loops, voz, guitarra y flauta

"so distant, yet so close and warm. relaxing sounds of radio frequencies. ambient music for nights and days, mornings and evenings. soft poly cases with hand-stamped inserts. Limited to 50 copies."

 "soft, strikingly beautiful ambience from Olli Aarni. two side long tracks that mark a stunning balance between shimmering, cloud-like melody, and warbled, damaged, almost disintegrating production. eerily touching and sublimely listenable. I have yet to hear a piece from Aarni, either under his own name, or the Ous Mal moniker that doesn't immediately transfer me into a cloud like dream state.t he liner notes state "RM radio, wine glass, tapes, etc. Recorded with one hand." guide me little tape

sold out ~ listen ~ download

"tape dust, record skipping, cd glitches ~ all the “broken” sounds become something new and beautiful on this tape. soft poly cases with hand-stamped inserts. limited to 50 copies."

 "Jorge Vicario es un improvisador/intéprete orientado a la música experimental, realiza composiciones con guitarra preparada, grabaciones de campo, fx, dsp (digital sound process). también desarrolla un proyecto de ruido y performances utilizando especialmente metales amplificados y equipos de audio domésticos: cintas de cassette, tocadiscos. es miembro de keilahnaio, un grupo de sonidos acústicos concretos en lugares abandonados o destruidos. aquí y aquí podemos ver algo más de información sobre su trabajo de manera individual y de manera colectiva" eac

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 brian green ~ 112011 (jozik, 2011)

"Brian Green is a sound artist living in South Carolina, USA. for this half an hour long tape Brian recorded various instruments in an improv session and then processed them further on a computer. the result is a distant sounding ambient collage of acoustic instruments, tape hiss, bowed drones and keyboard sounds, all drowning in reverb. poly boxes with artwork by Sasha Kretova Limited to 60 copies."

listen ~ buy ~ download side a

tibetan singing bowl meditation: session 46

emoción tras emoción. si hay un sello que se merece sold out en todas sus cintas es jozik. pero en todas todas.

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