microphones in the trees: opaline

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


"Crossing the country. Flying over mountains, fields, and trees. Watching the earth turn and change with you. This a collection of songs (old & new) that i wanted to bring together to make an entire piece about shifting, rearranging, and letting go of what we think is real." hunter thompson/opaline

"Terraqueous is an exploration into sound. It came to me after a couple months experimenting with synths and found samples. The title represents the blending of earth and water. I believe this venture is about the melding together of all that surrounds us and the endless connection between us and everything else in the universe. How we are composed with the same stuff as the stars and the dirt. Water and air. Stone and leaf. To me, it is also about patience and letting things develop naturally and organically. While also accepting imperfections and realizing how unique and special they can be." hunter thompson/opaline 

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