microphones in the trees: equinox, the peacekeeper

Friday, January 25, 2013

equinox, the peacekeeper

equinox, the peacekeeper - birdsongs on the waste land
(vadbra music, 2012)

"please rise
get on your feet
how can we sing
if we don't start to breathe
now this circus is not serving our aim
so step aside 
let it roll by
cuz it's a losing game
the rules they are shit
and you have suffered from it
oh but it ain't worth your pain"

pics: koen bauters


Anonymous said...

hey, whatever happened to the Second Family Band?

ana said...

"The Holy Lamb Soundly Sleeping"
qué voz :')

qué disco tan tan bonito!

ana said...

anonymous, we don't forget the family. 'wrong carnival, kid' is a beauty, maybe soon will be a post about it