microphones in the trees: madalyn merkey

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

madalyn merkey

"Madalyn Merkey’s music is a beautiful combination of the organic and the electronic. Listening to this tape brings to mind some earlier electronic experiments. There’s an obvious grit to the album, shown in the warmth of the sound. Digital is ignored to a large degree. Calling it a personal album would be accurate as Merkey uses her own voice as source material in the compositions. Merkey’s music exists in a dream-like state completely sedated. she's the Wizard of Oz of her environment making the sound bigger more powerful and lovelier than is humanly possible. Her work combines the best of the experimental with the emotional." beach sloth 

"Synthetic sounds fill the air in Madalyn Merkey's debut album of bizarre and beautiful phase vocoder experiments. Using harmonic voice processing, analog synthesis, and stereo panning, Merkey addresses the Centaurs of her imagination. Influenced by celestial bodies, artificial intelligence, and opera, the journey is a mysterious meshing of mechanical fibers and polymorphic organic exchanges. Highly emotional, yet non-emotional at the same time, the alternating energy is a truly lovely work, warm, and lifting experience." insound  

Madalyn Merkey lanzando señales desde una galaxia lejana. el sello, el título, la portada. viva la musicala por descubrimientos tardíos como éste o el inconmensurable Josh Burke (siempre ahí la Filomena), cintas que no deberían pasar nunca desapercibidas y que son para la eternidad, aunque a veces su salida a la luz del día sea lenta y lleve su tiempo. electrónica orgánica, brumosa, alucinógena, sumergida, de bucles y collages, de producción mínima, que vuela a la altura de Obsidian Pond, Kane Pour o Bandicoot Trail.

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