microphones in the trees: tulasi

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


"exotic cocktail party; appetizer salad. moving magnetic tape. ether weaving sound tapestries. belly-dancers who disappear at the blink of an eye. bulgur with a snake of paradise wriggling in it. the rhythm of movement and breathing. 19th century orientalism in the 21st century Finland. an eye emerging from a beautiful hand. on top of the buffet enjoyed a day standing, but very extracted coffee." 

"perfectly described as Kutomo and Kulkija make music with Alice in Wonderland. rhythm carries everything slimey and bazaars gets on fire. sometimes pure madness, sometimes calm as sleeping corn field. not the duality, diversity. this flower pot carries every seed in new Noah's ark."

music & sounds by Tulasi: Ikävalko & Koho
recorded at Metsälä and Kallio, Helsinki, Finland in 2011-2012.
same tracks on both sides.

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