microphones in the trees: enno velthuys

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

enno velthuys

"Enno Velthuys is a somewhat obscure character in the world of Dutch electronic music, who released a whole bunch of tapes in the 80s, mainly on the Exart label from IJmuiden. Highly ambient synthesizer music. He is the son of the well-known children book author Max Velthuys. From what I remember when reading an interview with him, he said he had son which was a troublemaker and a psychiatric patient. I have no clue what Enno does these days. I tried separating the pieces but failed, so I made one long track of side a and side b. And unfortunately the sound quality is not the best around." no longer forgotten music

"...his music is a good representation of the early ambient, new age influenced, sinthesizer music. He had produced only a few tapes during the 80's. this one is my personal favourite from him. It seems to be one of his earliest tapes. It has beautiful landscapes on it, while his later tapes became a little more synth-electronic than ambient oriented. The great highlight on it is the song "Discovery", a 7:30 min travel through the outerspace." ferocity of practical life

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