microphones in the trees: sun an

Saturday, April 06, 2013

sun an

~~recorded in Point Reyes, California Jan/Feb 2013
 ambient electronic meditation peaceful~~

"If you ever had a sense of emptiness and absence of something intangible after the end of Jeff Witscher’s Marble Sky project, Sun An comes to the rescue. the music on the album offers an escape from the noise of the outside world into the microcosm of simple beauties, smooth-as-silk slow-paced melodies and meditative bliss. fogging up the world in a haze consisting of all those small moments of calm or happiness collected from throughout the day, all pressed into a cozy blanket of warm, fuzzy drone. Ethereal, almost non-existent melodies add a touch of barely noticeable, fleeting beauty. All I want is calm." weed temple

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ana,

Really digging that Sun An album you just posted. It's honesty one of the nicest things I've found via your posts in a long time.

Much love and peace.