microphones in the trees: hny

Sunday, August 09, 2009


"HNY is a member of sonic oddballs Social Junk and this is her first release solo. HNY traverses the same mystic forests as her witchy contemporaries (think Grouper, Inca Ore) but prefers to head out into those forests in the dead of night. "Mute In The Dust" is jammed full of darkly-looped synth and guitar lines which swirl like blackened smoke around her banshee wail. Occasionally her vocals are allowed to travel along on their own and end up in wind tunnel of mirrors."expressway to my skull
"Dudes can dispute it, but the feminine mystique is real, especially in the realms of haunted interior-psych voice musique. A lotta our favorite ladies (Inca ore, Grouper, Pocahaunted,..) have the “private dreamer” communion ritual down to a science, whether due to talent, vision, chromosomes or some combo of the 3. We wanna add another siren to the squad: HNY. When not buried in work as the sax/bass-playing half of Social Junk, she’s found time to drop a couple stellar solo joints over the past year-ish (here you can touch the sky). Nine song-stories of naked keyboards, 3 am spirit loops, and creaky attic narratives that blur the line between bedroom voodoo ceremony and otherworldly suicide note. Recorded entirely outdoors on a tiny side porch in West Oakland. Dive in. Pro-dubbed tapes in white cases with hallucinatory guitar-girl cover art (3 different color paper possibilities), and housed in hand-painted canvas pouches. Edition of 100" nnf


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Wonderful, wonderful post. Thank you!

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this is my absolute favorite blog for learning about music.

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