microphones in the trees: sacred basil

Friday, August 28, 2009

sacred basil

"Hometown meets out of town in a blow out jangle of sounds. Recorded last fall in Portland, Sacred Basil brings together Cursillistas, Gorman, Planets Around the Sun, and Tempera for a living room improv after breakfast. Grooving organ, trumpet wails, building drum circle pounds, singing bowls, etc. A treasure chest of instruments dumped on the floor and a rotating cast picking them all up to work out the tones. Packaged in a tri-folded art paper 'booklet' that opens to reveal a full-color collage and pasted on vellum insert. Tapes painted & stamped and tied with twine. Limited to 50." cabin floor esoterica


C. Alexander Gonzalez said...

Hello Ana.

Truely love what you are doing here. Beautiful things.

Aerophones & Aeroplanes

mar said...

decir que está muy bueno se queda corto!

ya me pondré al día, ponita de las ponitas!!