microphones in the trees: cursillistas / white light

Thursday, August 27, 2009

cursillistas / white light

"Cursillistas and White Light are hitting the road with a limited 12" split LP to celebrate the occasion. 150 copies large, Travel Light gives each band their own side to showcase their latest material. Your chance to nab a copy depends on the tour dates below--if you can make it to a show, you'll have a shot at hearing this beautiful wonder. If you can't make it out to see Cursillistas and White Light, then keep your fingers crossed that L'animaux Tryst has a few extra copies post-tour they are willing to part with.

Cursillistas' side begins with previously-unreleased live favorite "Crutches" (hand-picked by White Light for this split), and then follows up with a bummer-folk quartet of their most recently-recorded material. White Light presents four previously-unreleased songs on their side of the split, which mark their first official output since a well-received 7" single in the Tryst Haunt Series over a year ago. A warm lo-fi glow cushions these psych-soul-pop tunes, which mix communal spaced-out jams with heavy loner meditations." electronic voice phenomenon


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