microphones in the trees: second family band

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

second family band

"Pack some granola. Two long hikes through the haze grace this 80 minute cassette. 'Morning in the East' blazes trails." I'm taking my banjo along through the Himalayas and if you wanna drag that arp along that'd be cool with me." The flip has a real dirty metropolis groove. Traveling. Lets crescendo awhile. Way out west now...How long we been drivin? ...Any Natives still live around here?. Second Family Band" earjerk

foto: ƒenk


Anonymous said...

thnk you so much for all the second fam band posts! really diggin on em lately- any chance you might have the cass. e.c. brown and l'diamond- "gothick reforme" also on earjerk?
thnx again,

dreams-dxt said...

what a great band! thnx!!! greetings from Greece...