microphones in the trees: niao

Friday, August 14, 2009


"Warm analog synth electronics, 6 long songs crafted to be realized and performed with three other people: Ben Lorber, Gordon Spencer-Blaetz, and Austin Julian. Pentatonic blues runs on the keyboard, hypnotic rhythms and melodies accompanied by toms, tabla, cymbals and tambourine (the only percussion). Religious and ritual-like vocals of the night that serve a prominent role throughout the album. No words, only drones and simple syllables like EY AH OO WAH. Dream loops that linger like a forgotten foundation. This is Niao's most mature, unique work that is tight and together. A craft of sound but it will move you physically as well as mentally. Our best release thus far, without a doubt, we are very proud and excited of this one. Recorded spring 2009 by Anthony Kingsley." sailing


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hey these are my buddies!!