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Friday, August 10, 2012

atlantis / tidal

"going back to where it all started for Chemical Tapes, Tim Diagram who's opening salvo for us was his excellent kosmische workout 'Maps And Diagrams ~ Red Moon Rising' returns under his Atlantis moniker with The Institute Of Technology. subaquatic synth soundscapes document the expedition into the deep. from the hazy tranquil moments at the surface to the curious glitched rhythms of the depths" chemical tapes

"eight tracks of submerged whooshes and blips and layered synth drones, hypnotic arpeggios, lots of celestial twinkle and flutter, some bubbly noises, quite a bit of echo in places. It’s quite varied actually, going from ambient, almost percussive bloopscapes to drawn out, healing dronechords of ‘The Otto Cycle’, and more of a synth-focused approach than with Maps & Diagrams. for music of this ambient experimental nature it’s quite fast paced and melodic and you really get swept up in the emotional narrative as it drifts and shimmers its way delicately into your subconscious. excellent stuff." norman records

"...Is this a reference to soaring mountain peaks? If so this is the perfect soundtrack. 4 journeys spanning the c40 cassette take us on a trip of psychoactive shimmering ambience, there is a re-assuring warmth to the synth soundscapes across Olympus, keeping the listener engaged and locked into the eternal bliss." chemical tapes 

"Tidal's Jimmy Billingham makes murky cosmic music filtered through a blurry, drunken haze to give it that slight “Turquoise Hexagon Sun” disorientating vibe like that grizzly unmaintained old tape machine is about to gobble its contents. It’s very beautiful actually and comes across like the musical equivalent of soft sun rays streaming through tall trees in a forest glade on really good psychedelic drugs but with bits of wool soaked in olive oil stuck in your ears. aceness abounds..." norman records

fotos: alison scarpulla

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