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Friday, August 03, 2012

matthew "doc" dunn

"One of my favorite tapes of the past or so 5 years. Been outta print for a couple years now. I’d first heard Dunn’s playing with mv & ee and subsequently grabbed this tape after recognizing his name. Ever since I’ve really dug all his solo material, Peace Be Your Rider was the ‘follow-up’ to this x2 tape set, and he also had a few albums before ‘Church of the Transfiguration’ on Medusa and InYrDisk. Doc Dunn is also associated with the group Transcendental Rodeo who put out a great ‘Volume 1’ CDr on Beniffer Editions in 2009 and a recent 2011 release on Healing Power Records.

Tape 1 is a bit more over-arching in terms of crafting some perfect drone + steel string picking, singing bowls, eastern instruments, & ominous tones. Tape 2 goes into more minimal & abstract paths. Beniffer put together a booklet full of Doc Dunn’s photographs translated through bright layers of color and a silk screened process. I’ve scanned this whole book and packaged it as a PDF - it is present in ‘Part 1’ of the download." broadcasts from poor farm

"born in the teeth of a gale, Matt 'Doc' Dunn embarks upon nothing less than total Cosmic infinitude on this strange and devastating release. the smoke you hear on this hit is the 3 am Mount Analogue as described by Rene Daumal and the 'humming in the night skull' music of shaman and prophet Angus MacLise. mystic realms wherein the author remains entirely concealed in the sound in order to reveal the deepest secrets of the soul. In reaching for the 'infinite music', Dunn, the young thundercloud-messenger of the future-sound unites the entire musical

In terms of creating Space, no music I have heard this year or any has brought me to such a profoundly blue and contemplative state of trance. listen to it over and over and over again for it rewards you with boundless gifts. this is meta-music, a new Temple Stone of third eye zones. totally free, embers burning over the current of the moonlit sea." Ayal Senior

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